Adding printer to the Laptop is not a complex job but if the connecting procedure will not followed correctly, it can be time-consuming and tedious exercise for the users. In general, printer manufacturer’s builds a drivers program that supports almost all operating system of different configuration, however, in some cases, users have to download its own their own from manufacturer’s website. Or in case if allotted driver CD is lost or forgotten, users have to help themselves by downloading it from the manufactures websites. Consequently, if you will know few simple processes of printer installation you can avoid the printer technical support numbers help. Instead rendering services from outsiders know own your own. Below steps on installing the printer to laptop can be helpful for you:

Adding Printer to the Laptop

Steps to be taken:

  • If you have installation CD then you have avoided half of your hurdles. Just insert the drivers CD to the laptop and wait for reload. Follow the auto set up wizard and follow the instructions. If you stuck in between, visit, printer repair services page of manufacture’s website.
  • On the other side, if you don’t have installation CD, visit manufacturers website or a third party driver installation link and download the drivers, make sure you are ready with printers model number, else you have to dig deeper in the ocean. Just note down the serial number and model number to avoid confusions.
  • Once you are done with the installation process, plug in the USB cable to the Laptop and wait until printer is recognized with the Laptop. If it takes longer than usual, restart the computer, sometimes, the changes affects the system after restart.
  • If printer is already added to some other computer with same network, you can allow it to share without adding it. Go to the printer setting of the computer that is already added to the computer and navigate the network and connectivity wizard on control panel. Then go to the network and sharing center and click to the printer sharing and turn on the printer sharing feature.

In the folder open your screen and double click the printers, you will see shared printer on your network, just double click on the shared printer on your network, your operating system will automatically add to your laptop and install driver software, as you click on the next button, printer will be successfully added to your computer and can be seen in printer folder. More information on printer installation can be availed in users can dial the number and talk with a printer customer support associate.