Many users encounter the Paper Jam problems and searched the solutions to Fix Clear Non-Paper Jam Error Messages on the Dell Printer, which possible cause when the printer has detected a sheet of paper or other print media jammed in the duplex area. Paper repeatedly jams whenever the printer tries to print on both sides of the paper (front and back). The printer displays a Paper Jam message on the Dell Printer. Another reason for occurring this error due to the damaged sensor to cause a persistent paper jam message when there isn’t a jam. Then don’t worry about it, you have come to the right place. This blog will address guide easy troubleshooting steps to fix this issue. So follow the given steps to get rid of this trouble


Steps to Fix Clear Non-Paper Jam Error Messages on the Dell Printer:-

Step 1:- Remove the Input Paper Tray

Remove the input paper tray drawer, behind it you will find 2 screws remove them.

Step 2:- Connects at the Bottom and the Top in Tracks

The case connects at the bottom and the top in the tracks and then snaps in place on the corners. Take a standard screwdriver and slowly pop open the seams working your way around the case. (Leave the corner units in place.

Step 3:- Open Rear Door

Now you should try to open the rear door and remove the 2 top screws.

Step 4:- Lift off the Scanner

Then you will see where the scanner unit is screwed 2 two places in the front remove those and on the left side of the case you will a motherboard. As you lift off the scanner, then you will need to detach a ribbon cable and two flat cables so that it will be completely disconnected.

Step 5:- Remaining Scanner Removed

The remaining scanner bed has two screws in the back which need to be removed in order to get at the printer assembly.

  • First, see where your jam has made the mistake of simply wrenching it out and you think you may have disconnected or damaged a sensor.
  • If it is in the topmost fuser. Then you can simply remove the top 2 screws which frees up the guides and remove the paper.
  • Be careful not to break a very fragile plastic rod the rides above the unit.
  • Once done, then check the error message is fixed.

In case you are still getting the error message. Then please contact Dell Technical Support Number for connecting with experts for other troubleshooting suggestions.

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