Printer is the an electronic device that has made managing paperworks much easier. Epson is a renowned name in the world of printers as it offers us with unique printing features.

Check the Ink Level of an Epson Inkjet Printer

As every electrical device has certain flaws, Epson printers also develop various errors or problems that might hamper your printing experience. Ink cartridge is the most annoying problem that you might confront while using a printer. It affects your ink level and thus generates low-quality prints. To avoid such issues you need to check the ink level of an Epson inkjet printer.

Check the Ink Level of an Epson Inkjet Printer: Follow the easy steps given below

You can easily check the ink level without removing the ink cartridge of your printer. It is also used for black or color inkjet printers. Apply the steps given below to check the ink level of your inkjet printer.

  1. At first install the Epson Status Monitor software.
  2. Open the Epson Status Monitor program in an application that will enable you to print.
  3.  In the control bar of the application, go to the file menu tab
  4. Select the print option and click on status monitor.
  5. Now select utility icon and click on Epson Status Monitor button.
  6. Choose update option to update the display
  7. Go back to the print dialog box and again select utility option.
  8. In the utility dialog box, click on the configuration option.

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